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Strike a Match,
Boost your Sales

Matcha, the AI Sales Expert to Guide Your Shoppers and Power-up your Sales

They trust us

Matcha, the perfect solution

Enhance your shopper experience and boost your sales by offering your customers tailored assistance exactly when and where they need it. 


Increase in conversion rates


Increase on average basket

A lever for repeat business

What makes Matcha so powerful

An omnichannel service, turnkey and scalable

Nurtured by years of experience with major retailers, Matcha has developed an AI-powered personal shopper with a UX/UI seamlessly integrated into the shopping journey and directly linked to your product range, offering both accessibility and efficiency.


A new channel to leverage targeted e-retail media

With three different types of campaign, we help brands develop their market share and voice by grabing the attention of consumers navigating through intricate and overcrowded shelves.

An access to real-time & real life data to get to know your shoppers better

Uncover crucial information on your shoppers and get operational and actionable recommendations directly on your dashboard! 

Already 4 categories unlocked! 

After establishing our presence in our historical categories—wine, beer, and spirits—we extended our Advisor to Coffee. 

And soon to another complicated category for shoppers... Stay tuned!

They say it better than we do 

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