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Onboard travelers and staff with tailored experiences to increase
your store's performances

Turn pre-flight wait times into unforgettable shopping experiences, guiding travelers to select the perfect products for their journey home

Leverage AI to create the perfect airport shopping experience for travelers

Transform the airport shopping experience by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

  • Seamless navigation with traveler-friendly terminals or QR codes

  • A scan system to get instant product information & a lightning tag system to guide travelers within the shop

  • An AI-powered solution to find the right product for any travelers’ needs

« We have to create desire because we are not a

destination store, unlike downtown shops.

Working with Matcha was the perfect occasion to bring

something new to the table!  »

Romée Lamielle, Sales and Marketing Director - Lagardère Travel Retail - Duty Free France & Luxembourg 

Discover LTR's use case

Boost your performances by putting the innovation at the heart of the shop

Capitalize on a proven AI solution and comprehensive traveler insights to optimize your shop's performance effortlessly.


A successful solution already deployed in 8 airport terminals



A support to help your staff raise to the challenge of multicultural environments



Discover how travelers navigate complex products and identify specific needs


« We cater to target groups with different

desires for wines and spirits due to their nationalities.

We have to adapt to this complexity specific to Travel Retail. »

Romée Lamielle, Sales and Marketing Director - Lagardère Travel Retail - Duty Free France & Luxembourg 

Empower your staff with real-time support

Equip your staff to deliver instant, expert assistance to travelers, enhancing their shopping journey.

  • A precious help for your staff to provide precise recommendations on even the most intricate products

  • An overview of up-to-the-minute stock information and essential product details, ensuring the travelers full satisfaction

  • An delightful shopping experience for travelers with a reduced waiting time and a perfect product match


From zero to fully integrated in under a month!

Catalog integration

Let Matcha access your catalog and understand the different products available

Client facing terminals and QRcode

Touch screen terminals, PLV, QRcode… everything you need to delight travelers in a unique solution!

Expose the new experience

Launch the new experience and monitor the performance through a dedicated dashboard

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