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Promote your products to the right shoppers at the right moment

Harness AI to talk to the right audience, optimise your visibility, and improve your business performance

Grant your products the visibility they deserve!

Leverage a privileged position and allow AI to showcase your products to the perfect audience.

  • Prime placement on leading retailer websites

  • Three different ways to promote your products across multi-brand platforms

  • A dedicated interface for campaign preparation and performance monitoring

« What attracted us to the Matcha solution? The interactive dimension, centred on advice, at key moments of the purchasing process. »

Anne Cubizolles, Consumer Connections Manager

Discover Heineken's
use case

Leverage AI to boost your performance

2x  increase in shares of voice

+15 pts  increase of market shares

2.5x increase on incremental revenue

Pair your brand awareness with an AI-powered retail media solution and increase the performance of your products!

Pro NB.jpg
« The Matcha Boost campaigns are among the simplest solutions to implement in today's Retail Media landscape. »

Margaux Mouret, Responsable clients nationaux, Bacardi Martini

Start knowing your shoppers!

Discover the real habits of your shoppers and their principal triggers for purchase!

  • Real-time & Real life data to unveil concrete triggers to purchase

  • Discover how shoppers navigate complex products and highlight trends

  • Identify opportunities to increase market penetration

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Discover a demo of this offer

Your campaign is live in the blink of an eye!

Select the products to boost

Utilise our intuitive interface to effortlessly choose the products to boost and other parameters of your campaign.  

Validate the campaign

Leverage the expertise of our Matcha team and cutting-edge AI system to validate your campaign, ensuring optimal performance before boosting your products.

Follow the metrics

Track the success of each campaign with ease through our user-friendly dashboard, empowering you to visualise and communicate on the ROAS.

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