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Guide shoppers where they need it most 

Elevate your sales and enhance shopper satisfaction with Matcha AI-powered Advisor. Deliver a seamless, personalized shopping experience that delights customers and drives revenue growth in e-commerce or physical stores!


on the conversion rate

Increased customer knowledge & improved assortment rotation


on the average basket

Boost sales with tailored shopping experiences

Delivering a truly personalised shopping experience can be challenging, especially for complex products.

Our AI-powered Advisor simplifies this process by guiding shoppers to the perfect products, enhancing their satisfaction and driving your sales growth.

The power of AI at the shoppers’ service

  • Automatically enriched product profiles, covering anything shoppers would need

  • Smart search that lets shoppers articulate their needs precisely, leaving no question unanswered

  • AI-powered suggestions tailored to each shopper's needs to enhance decision-making

A turnkey solution for a cutting edge technology

  • An omnichannel solution directly linked to your catalog

  • An easy to implement solution, in production in less than one month

  • A visible increase on sales

The perfect solution for
both e-commerce et physical stores

  • A user-friendly interface available on desktop, mobile and native apps

  • Round-the-clock assistance for shoppers based on what they really need

  • A seamless connection to the basket to simplify the experience

Physical stores:

  • A shopper friendly terminal or a QRcode for seamless navigation


  • A scan system to get instant product information


  • A lightning tag system to guide shoppers navigating within the aisles


stephane smolarek.jpeg
« Matcha is the best solution to invigorate the complex categories—very pragmatic and consumer-oriented. »

Stéphane Smolarek, website and mobile apps offer, Intermarché drive

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