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The new trends in the world of wine

The wine, much more than a mere beverage, is a true art of living deeply rooted in traditions and cultures from around the world.

In France, the historical birthplace of viticulture, wine consumption appeared to have stagnated in recent years, as beer emerged as the preferred drink of the French. However, 2024 marks the grand return of wine to the forefront. This iconic beverage, a pillar of French culture, continues to adapt to cultural and societal transformations, reclaiming its place of honor in the hearts of the French.

So, what are the new trends in the world of wine?

Preference for organic and sustainable wines

More and more French consumers are turning to wines with environmental labels, and not without reason. These labels signify quality for 51% of consumers, and environmental respect is also a key motivation, cited by 47% of them. Additionally, 48% of wine enthusiasts appreciate knowing exactly where their wine comes from, how it is produced, and are willing to pay more for certified wine. In short, these small green labels on bottles have a bright future ahead as they meet the growing demand for transparency and sustainability among consumers.

The return of Bordeaux...

The largest wine-growing region in the world is renewing itself and reconnecting with its audience!

Gone are the days of excessive woody flavors and heaviness... Today, Bordeaux winemakers are opting for freshness, subtlety, conviviality, and gradually embracing organic viticulture, even biodynamics for some.

It's a winning bet, as Bordeaux wines are once again at the top of the podium and favored by 52% of the French!

...and the rise of other French and international regions

Other French regions are gaining recognition, such as Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence, now known for the quality of their wines.

But it's towards the international scene that the French are turning, with a significant rise in popularity of Italian wines in France. Boosted by gastronomy, a wide variety of grape varieties, affordable prices, and trendy cocktails, wines from the peninsula are capturing French hearts and firmly establishing themselves in consumption habits.

Continued preference for online shopping

After the acceleration of online purchases following the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend is slowing down and stabilizing. However, younger generations remain highly connected and contribute to the growth of e-commerce platforms for wines and spirits.

Even though this trend is declining, the average online consumer basket remains higher, and volumes are larger.


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